Auto Dealer

auto_dealer_local_digital_advertising Watch This video below to get a Indebted explanation.


Overview: Your potential customer is looking at one of your listings in your existing print add that has had “TEXT any stock Number of any Listing to N/A To Take an INSTANT VIRTUAL DRIVE” added into it. He or She texts the stock number in and receives a link to the information page of that listing back as a reply. We then add their mobile number to a list for future broadcast marketing. Last (but most important) you get an instant notification that they are looking at STOCK NUMBER “X” right now and their phone number is delivered to you via text, email , and telephone.


For demo just text # 1 to N/A and you will receive a link to the INSTANT VIRTUAL DRIVE video I made for you to view. Then make sure you are by the main phone number where this Phone Number of N/A Rings. with speaker on, or your ear, to the phone to Hear the Robovoice giving you the mobile phone number that was just used to text in from your new Interactive ad.


Watch this video for more indebted explanation

Pricing Structure:

$397 to set up / $250 per month to maintain
Complete set up of SMS cataloging system
Dedicated Phone Number
Graphic design to integrate with your existing add copy
Consultation with your current graphic designer
Set up 75 listings (additional listings extra)
Add/remove 25 listings/mo. (additional listings extra)
Notification via 1 device & 1 email address (additional. Extra)
SMS List building and managment
99% Up Time Guarantee
Additional Fees:
Additional Listings $3 ea.
Additional devices or email address $10 ea. One time set up fee (5 ea. Max.)
Telephone notification $15 / Mo. per phone number
Broadcast marketing $27 per hundred subscribers per broadcast.

Need the VIRTUAL DRIVE video done for you we got you covered !

VideoPricing Structure:

Overview: Your potential customer is looking at one of your listings in your existing print add and want to know more. They search for the property on Google or are taken to the info pages via link. The issue is these sites are not mobile optimized and the customer has trouble viewing them on their mobile. By using my Virtual Tour model with YouTube they render on any device perfectly.

Pricing Structure: $23 per listing (Bulk rates available)


  • Scraping the existing info website for pictures

  • Scanning in print photos

  • Producing a “slideshow” with graphic transitions between pictures

  • Apply commercial licensed music track to tour

  • Generate graphic title page and closing page with Client contact info

  • Burn to DVD Rom and deliver to Client for other uses.

  • Client approval of music track and complete virtual tour

  • Sequence edits-unlimited until finalized and accepted

  • Free hosting online for the life of the agreement

Additional Fees:

  • Custom graphic transitions – $65/hr

  • Navigation Enabled custom Flash Tours – $65/hr

  • Editing a previously accepted tour – $65/hr