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Brent Pittman is a successful business management professional with a proven and consistent track record in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Business Development and Human Resources.  His expertise in start-up operations, P & L turn-around and the restructuring of Multi-National corporations makes him an invaluable asset to any business and an innovative solution provider.

Brent’s career has taken him across the world with projects in Europe, South America, Asia and the Caribbean including significant U.S. experience working in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego.   During his illustrious career, Brent has effectively interacted with all levels and functions of government and the consumer market, while profitably managing the operations of several leading businesses and organizations.  Notably he has held executive positions with Continental Airlines, Optical Express LASIK Surgery Clinics, Sonya Dakar, Kawesch Laser Centers, Modus Pharmaceutical and La Jolla Spa MD.  

In 2004, Brent formed Avant-Garde Business Solutions, an all-inclusive consulting firm.  Although the company started as a one man project, it quickly expanded to include experts in a variety of industries to meet the needs of an expanding clientele.  Avant-Garde Business Solutions has worked with National and International businesses alike customizing programs unique to each client’s needs.  A-GBS can implement tools to optimize business, create branding materials or produce large-scale events and everything in between. 

A-GBS joined forces with Local Digital Advertising in 2012 and the partnership has already created major re-branding campaigns and product launches.  Brent and Angel have collaborated on several projects and look forward to expanding their combined reach to new markets.  Both are currently developing additional tools and programs that will continue to enhance client satisfaction.

Brent’s passion and foresight placed him in the top 1% of business professionals in California and has also earned him a nomination as the State’s 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year.  Brent and all those involved with Avant-Garde Business Solutions continue to strive for excellence and remain on the cusp of trends and technology.  To learn more about the services offered by Avant-Garde Business Solutions, please visit www.a-gbs.com.


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