Brand Exposure Through Social Media

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Building Your Brand Exposure Through Social Media

With social media taking the world by storm.  Businesses have seen this as an opportunity to spread their wings and put some dependence on the hope people will share their product or service with friends and family.  In most cases people will share their great experience at a business they just visited.   Unfortunately, the businesses social shares are usually a one time post and hopefully that one post will do a little work to get new faces in the door.  Social media is growing exponentially and in a competitive environment businesses are spending heavy to make it work for them somehow.

We have taken the headache out of social media by giving back to advertisers who spread YOUR word, these advertisers are your customers!  When ever a person shares your business info or any deal they claim on social networks, they have an opportunity to earn additional points to use towards more of your rewards.  So instead of getting a one time spot light on a users social story boards and walls, you get unlimited exposure.   Your customers will earn bonus points when they share the deal and also earn points when their friends joins your loyalty program.  What does this all mean?  Instead of getting a drab one time share of your product or service, your customers will instantly comment to get their friends in, creating a discussion and interest in YOUR business that stays alive.