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Almodovar Enterprise  Inc. With the explosive sales of smart phones, there are several ways to keep in touch with your customer base. Between the IPhone, Android based phones and the Black Berry platform, the possibilities are endless as far as marketing ideas. One way to market to customers is through GPS marketing. All of the smart phones as well as basic phones have GPS capabilities. Imagine your customers searching for a business in your field and just by the location of their mobile phone, your business information is displayed. Having your business listed in these directories is very important to helping your business succeed. We have the tools necessary to get you listed to these directories.

Many of the sites that help you to market your business via GPS, offer places for customers to leave feedback. This is very powerful as it gives you an avenue to know what your customers are saying about your business. Positive feedback will let you know what your customers like about your business; while negative feedback can be dealt with quickly and will allow you to make changes to keep your customers happy. We will monitor all of this for you and report it back to you at the intervals you deem appropriate.


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