Proximity marketing

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Why Proximity marketing ?


  1. The mobile coupon content is remotely pushed to small Bluetooth servers that constantly scan a location (about 300-500 feet) for users carrying Bluetooth-discoverable mobile phones.

  2. Upon identifying  such a user, the Bluetooth broadcasting  server sends a mobile  coupon  content message to the mobile phone, requesting  permission to transmit multimedia content to it, Like video link’s, local digital advertising, and so forth .

  3. Users  accept the message and view the mobile content.

  4. We remotely track all  analytic  data including , open rates,  penetration and more.

  5. Almodovar Enterprise Inc.. will design and develop custom mobile content .

  6. This content can include everything  from mobile coupons to viral videos  and branded screensavers portable bluetooth  advertising  servers  can be  used at, sporting events  and  trade shows to offer mobile coupons  for special discounts and  giveaways.  We will put  stationary marketing  servers,  that we set up within your retail locations to offer custom ringtones and wallpapers.  No matter what the event, Almodovar Enterprise Inc. can work with your brand to created a creative Bluetooth marketing  campaign.  We can design custom mobile content and remotely host,  manage,  and Almodovar Enterprise Inc. will update  all Bluetooth  servers  at any  location of  your choice.  We provide every thing  your business  needs to start a proximity marketing  campaign.